April Release – Demio iOS Application is Now Here

I know you have been patiently awaiting for this message.

And we’ve been working hard for months to get this ready for you and I’m so excited to release this announcement to you ?.

Announcing the Demio Viewer iOS Application

Yes, it’s true! We’ve finally completed and released the iOS application so any attendee can view a Demio Event on an iPad or iOS device.

The Application can be found here (direct in the App store)

But, let’s chat about how it works.

When someone clicks on their unique join link, we will detect if they are on an iOS specific device and move them to our Launch page, giving them the opportunity to download the app (if it’s their first time) or instantly launch it in the app.

For those attendees who already have the viewer app, we will automatically log them right in their viewer!

If they don’t have it yet, they will download the app and log directly into the webinar viewer room.

You’ll find the experience very very simple and so will attendees!

Once they get inside of the Demio room, the experience will feel just as amazing as on the browser.

You’ll have the ability to Chat, Reply to Coordinators, Download Handouts, Click Resources, and even Minimize the App for attendees to simply listen to the audio in the background.

We wanted to make a simple, but clean user experience that still gave you all the power of the Demio system.

Chat and Handouts will slide in to give full screen usage while audio plays in the background:

This would be the same with our “My Channel” section (showing resources and handouts):

Webcams and screenshare will stack on portrait mode to fill the screen and we’ll maximize the screenshare on landscape mode to give attendees the best of both worlds!

Attendees can easily zoom in using finger scrolling to maximize any slides or screenshare they want to check out.

And of course, all attendee data will be saved in your reporting and also be used to fire Automation Rules.

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