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SaaS Breakthrough - Featuring Agata Krzysztofik

About Agata Krzysztofik: Agata Krzysztofik is the Chief Marketing Officer at SimScale. She is responsible for the development, implementation, and performance tracking of the organization’s growth strategy, focused on increasing adoption of SimScale’s cloud-based simulation technology among engineers and designers….

SaaS Breakthrough - Featuring Ahin Thomas

About Ahin Thomas: Ahin Thomas is a creative problem solver with expertise in winning strategies, relentless execution, and motivating organizations and the VP of Marketing for Backblaze – an 11 year old player in the cloud storage space with the…

Introducing the All-New Interactive Room on Demio to Keep Your Attendees Engaged

At Demio, we’ve always said our real customer is actually the attendee. The better experience we give your attendees, the more engaged they’ll be, the longer they’ll stay, and the more often they’ll come back, which ultimately means better results…

SaaS Breakthrough - Featuring John Bonini

About John Bonini: John Bonini is a guy that does marketing. He previously ran growth for Litmus, and is now director of marketing at Databox, a software company making performance insights more accessible to everyone.    

SaaS Breakthrough - Featuring Matt Stone

About Matt Stone: Matt Stone is a marketing operations and demand generation veteran with experience in both transactional and enterprise sales cycles. Currently with Gainsight, the leader in Customer Success software, for almost three years, running the marketing operations team….

SaaS Breakthrough - Featuring Will Devlin

About Will Devlin: Will Devlin is a 15-year veteran of the email marketing industry and leads marketing strategy and execution for MessageGears, an enterprise email marketing technology company that works with high-volume B2C brands. Will was the first marketing hire…

Follow along on Our Journey to $100k MRR
A shaky start? No doubt. Yet, three years later, we've got our eyes set on $100k MRR. We'll be sharing everything along the way.