[Case Study] How A Webinar Generated $79,800+ With $9,327 Spent on Facebook Ads

Want to know how a webinar launch funnel generated a 856% return on ad spend with Facebook advertising?

Imagine spending $1 on Facebook ads and then actually getting $8.56… within 90 days.

Most entrepreneurs and marketing teams I speak to would LOVE getting $1 back for every $1 they spend on Facebook.

But for this client, we didn’t just spend $1 and get $8.56 back.

We also generated leads 48,111 leads in the first 90 days of 2017.

I am the founder of Amplifii, a Facebook advertising agency.

Before working with us, this client had a list of 14,442. Generating this many leads, this actually caused new problems that the client never faced (more on that in a bit).

We also reached millions of peoples with highly engaging ads (5.32% click through rates) which introduced them to the brand and the face of the brand.

If you are doing a webinar launch, here’s what I want to share with you:

  • Strategic changes we made with Facebook ads to decrease cost per lead by up to 82.8%
  • Using the messenger bot to engage leads to increase webinar sign ups
  • Engagement tactics to move clicks to leads to webinar registrations to sales
  • All the new problems we created by growing a business quickly (I love me some new problems!)

Let’s do it!

Decreasing Cost of Facebook Ads Decreased By Up To 82%

Before the agency was involved, the client was generating 50-70 leads a day with a budget of $106/day. These leads were primarily coming from Facebook ads with a cost per lead of $0.94 to a general optin funnel, which would later take people into a webinar after an indoctrination sequence.

After looking at the ad, targeting, copy and ad setup, we started testing a variety of elements at the Facebook ads level.

Here’s what happened in less than 30 days:

Baseline Performance Numbers873,857 People Reached

$1.89 CPM

1.94 Frequency

3.14% CTR (all)

1.40% CTR (link)

23,761 Link clicks

$0.13 CPC

3,453 Leads

$0.93 CPL

14.5 % LP conversion rate

$3,204.37 Total Spent

New and Improved Numbers1,178,082 People Reached

$1.32 CPM

2.10 Frequency

5.76% CTR (all)

2.87% CTR (link)

70,948 Link clicks

$0.05 CPC

19,768 Leads

$0.16 CPL

27.8% LP conversion rate

$3,259.10 Total Spent

Here is how we did it:

Relevant, Vibrant, Professional Photos

Even though the CTR wasn’t bad with the baseline numbers (3.14%), we started testing new media on the cold ad. We tested different image styles with different variations images representing their avatar.

We ran 3 major tests:

  • Video ad with the face of the brand
  • Video ad with stock videos (with the same script as the face of the brand)
  • Photo ad with stock photos

The video ads with the face of the brand performed the worst out of all of the tests.

The test that won: stock photos with a link ad to the landing page.

A segment of the audience we were targeting were recent moms.

So we started testing images of:

  • Pregnant moms
  • Moms with their newborns
  • Moms playing with their 2 year old
  • Mom and/or kid looking at the camera
  • Mom and/or kid looking away from the camera

Our tests showed the image with pregnant moms looking away from the camera was out performing all the other ads.

Notice what I just outlined:

  • First, I tested media types: video/photos
  • Then, we decided on an segment of the ideal client we wanted
  • Then, we tested different photo types of that specific segment where we finally found our winner

Short Form, To-The-Point Landing Page

How does a landing page go from converting at 14.5% to 27.8%?

Here what we did to increase the conversion rate by 91.7% within 30 days of the landing page:

Designed a more compelling ad

When you have a higher quality ad with the exact same landing page, the audience is bound to convert at a higher percentage.

In this case, after testing of images as well as messaging to get them to the landing page, we saw an immediate boost in the conversion rate.

Look at your ad right now and ask: is the ad copy and image doing the best it can in order to sell the optin?

Optimizing Targeting

The more traffic going through your marketing funnel, the more data Facebook accumulates to optimize your campaign.

In this case, we started seeing lookalike audiences starting to outperform cold audiences.

After testing different segments of lookalike audiences (LAA), we started seeing major improvements on the landing page conversion rate.

Here are some of the lookalike audiences we started testing:

  • Layering LAA with behaviors
  • Layering LAA with demographic segmentations (including if they are pregnant or recent mothers)
  • LAA of page engagement
  • LAA of video engagement and more
  • LAA of email list
  • LAA of lead ad submissions

All Of These Changes Come With New Problems

Email Open Rates Were Terri-Bad

When lead flow explodes, the last thing you want to do is stop it, especially if it’s profitable. But being so involved in the launch and the management of the launch, there was no one taking responsibility for the email marketing from a technical standpoint and dedicated to those optimizations. We are now working with an enterprise email marketing solution in order to prepare for the explosive growth ahead (at the rate we are going, there will be over 200,000 leads in the client’s CRM by the end of the year.)

A Co-Founder/The Face Of The Brand Was Bored

In one of our meetings, she said “guys, what should I do? I don’t know what to do right now?!”

She has never felt this in her life before because there has always been “so much to do” and most of the things she had to do were things she didn’t enjoy, but needed to be done. Now that the agency is managing advertising and the other cofounder is managing operations, what is she supposed to do?

So she is now working on generating new content, new offers, new courses, new topics of YouTube videos, new themes and structures for Facebook lives, more sophisticated emails and more.

She felt she never had time for that because she was working so much in the business; now she gets to work on it.

Funnels Needs Significant Improvement

Even though there is a funnel and it’s converting, there were some clear issues in verbiage and funnel flow. Next step is working deeper on customer avatar to determine their beliefs, fears and dreams. Once we have a better idea of the avatar, the quality of the copy and the funnel flow will naturally improve dramatically because there is a better understanding of who we are marketing to. That funnel and copy improvement will only lead to higher levels of profitability!

Now What?

The client is really excited because they have a had a major breakthrough with their lead generation and their ability to grow the business. Now, time to implement the adjustments above and continue optimizations to be completely self sufficient and scale advertising on Facebook, but also on Instagram and YouTube.

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