How to Create Highly Effective Post Webinar Campaigns

Nice! You’ve finished your webinar event. And hopefully, you followed a successful Webinar Blueprint to create a great sales conversion on the close (or just great overall engagement if not a sales webinar ? ).

Does that mean you are done with the campaign?… Not even close ?

There are so many ways to increase the conversion from one webinar and also to leverage the webinar for your business.

But let’s start by examining a few post-webinar campaigns you can run to increase the conversion from that live webinar instantly

Specific Follow Up Campaigns can be created for:

– No Shows
– Attendees who Left Early
– Non Buyers who Completed
– Buyers

If you are doing a limited time offer, you will want to continue your emails after the webinar until the closing date of the offer and if not, you can drip out new content emails that are related to the webinar offer.

This is about being strategic and leveraging content by emailing about it and re-using the offer with a new discount, bonus or deal so that you can maximize the money you do on one or two offers, instead of just closing the offer down.

One of the key strategies to increase conversion is using the Power of Scarcity.

Scarcity can be used while sending emails but also after the Webinar, with Scarcity Based Replays.

You should have some Timeframe on your offer shown by using a timer on the replay page.

This type of replays is great when you are doing some kind of pricing discount, or an affiliate promotion with someone. The scarcity effect puts you in a great advantage.

Here’s an example of a page where you can see the Scarcity – note the Timer.

demio labs postwebinar campaigns

You should have some Timeframe on your offer shown by using a timer on the replay page.

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For the first few days of a Replay, I recommend you don’t add a video progress bar to the replay so the first people to watch the replays, which are the more interested ones will have to watch the whole replay and won’t be able to just move forward to the end.

Plus this replay page is also bonus driven – note the bonus only for the first 50 buyers:

demio labs post webinar campaigns

Make sure they know not only the offer will be removed when the time hits zero, but also the replay itself will be removed too (so now is their only chance to watch it!). The replay is valuable because of the content and is a pain for people to lose access to all that if they don’t watch it while up.

When emailing registrants that did NOT attend the live webinar (this can easily be done with the Demio system using the Automation Rules) it’s best to hide the buy buttons on the page and make the video player settings so that the can’t skip through but instead have to watch from the beginning, so they don’t feel they get to be immediately pitch with the offer and get first all the valuable content you gave during the webinar.

After the first day, for registrants that didn’t attend, you can show the buy buttons (after the first few minutes of the video) and enable the video timeline.

So if you are emailing them again, they will be able for instance to continue watching the video where they left it by using the timeline bar instead of having to begin again.

For attendees that completed the webinar, your emails should focus on answering their questions, crushing objections and selling the product rather than pushing the replay. Most of them have seen the pricing, benefits, etc so we are trying to move them over the fence and buy the offer.

So towards the end of the promotion, your emails should shift to revolve more around the offer itself rather than the replay, since time to watch it’s running down. So now tell them here is your pain, here’s what we talked over the webinar, here’s our product benefits, etc.

You could also even use other campaigns to add onto your webinar campaign to truly change the selling mechanism.

What I mean is that you could even use a 3-part video series after a webinar to add more content and transparency to an offer and turn those who were not ready to buy into buyers, by moving them into another marketing campaign utilizing similar content but creating a different angle.

This strategy alone could get a 10-30% of conversion because they already know you and maybe by offering them the content in a different way you were able to improve their understanding of it and converted the offer this time.

You can also achieve a huge boost in your credibility, which in turn results in an increase in conversion (just by offering the same content in different ways).

The worst mistake you can make is assume attendees aren’t interested the first time they see your marketing message and never show it again to them.

It’s integral that you leverage your access to them by stacking these selling campaigns together (it can even be before the webinar) which will increase your credibility, relationship building and conversion rate – don’t underestimate this!

Remember, you can find different ways to utilize webinars inside your funnels, in different places of your funnel, at different stages of the lead/customer process and even use them as pure training moments for decreased churn and increased lifetime value.

Now that we've got your attention 🙂 

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