Creating Registration Pages for your Webinar

So we have an idea of who our audience is, now it’s time to get them signed up!

Ok great, what do you put on the Webinar Registration Page?…

Where do you put it?…

Why do you put it?…

Let’s take a close look.

The Page Structure

1- Headline

The Headline showcases your Big Promise so should be at the top of your registration page and be the most prominent element on that page.

Your Big Promise is your Hook, it’s what will capture instantly the attention of the visitor and keep him/her on the page and reading it.

If they arrive from an email or a Facebook ad, you also want to have headline congruence with what they saw before landing on this page.

Example of a Result/Outcome Oriented Headline:

How Two Dudes Are Using Easy Beginner Level SEO Searches To Rake in 100k+ A Month

With a powerful Pre-Headline, in bold, easy to read font:

100% Free Webinar Series

A clean and simple page works well.

You can also use a Post-Headline to give them more information, in this example one that overcomes objections:

(+Live Rankings, Live Client Tactics, Live Ranking Strategies)

demio labs registration page

Another example for you, pay attention to the strong Pre-Headline and Big Promise Headline:

Live Online Training
Your Most Effective Funnel: How To Automatically Generate More Leads and Sales

Another example of a registration page with an Advanced Outline:

demio labs registration pages

Let’s deconstruct this page.


Free Training Webinar Reveals…

Result Oriented Headline:

My Weird Niche Funnel That’s Currently Making me $17,947 PER DAY!

Sub-Headline also Result Oriented:

And How To Ethically Knock It Off In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Now that we've got your attention 🙂 

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2- Registration Button

You need a Registration Button or Form that should be above the fold.

Most pages these days don’t use “forms” but actually a live box opt-in form, which is a button that pops up with more information and that stands out clearly in the page, usually using a different color to stand out. On it, you can request First Name, Last Name and Email, or just First Name and Email, or even just the Email address.

The lower the amount of fields the higher the conversion, but reduces the level or personalization and connection you will make with you prospects.

3- Date and Time

Other elements that should stand out and be above the fold are the Date and Time of the webinar.

Always make it clear it’s a LIVE Training, because it adds a layer of scarcity – time scarcity – if they don’t make it to the Live Webinar, they will be missing this actual training session.

If you are doing it right and have a strong Big Promise, it should be enticing for them to show up live, at that date and time. So make it clear they have to sign up now to have access to this one time webinar.

4- Trust Factor or Credibility

It’s also helpful if you add some Trust Factor or Credibility to the page for the person or people running the webinar.

These could be descriptions of who you are and what is your business, or who the speakers are and what they have done, screenshots of Facebook page posts, places you have been featured, testimonials and proof of other people talking about you.

Testimonials are great to create Trust and you will see them in most registration pages these days.

Adding a photo of the person to the text testimonial will make it even more powerful because it will add the relatability factor.

demio labs registration pages

In the example above, you can see that the photo being used is actually from the speaker himself, as in this case it’s in the page supporting the personal brand of the speaker Russell Brunson, who is a well known guru in the Internet Marketing market (and who the visitor learned about in some email or ad before landing on that page or will soon learn via retargeting).

Pay attention to the elements in the photo itself; you see an office, awards in the wall, examples of his Internet marketing… all contributing to add credibility to his personal brand.

Bottom line is: Make it Simple. It Works.

Now that we've got your attention 🙂 

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