Happy Holidays ? + Demio feature update

From the entire team at Demio we hope you are having an amazing holiday season and are looking forward to an exciting and profitable 2017!

We’ve been heads down working hard to continue fine tuning Demio adding in new features, always making sure we are improving day by day.

So, what’s new?

Registration Page Custom Fields

With our newest update to the Registration page, you can now find an easier to navigate user interface along with a brand spankin’ new Custom Field builder for your registration page.

Simply integrate your Demio account with your 3-rd party CRM, enter your custom fields (as optional or required fields), and sync them up with your CRM.

Easy peasy!

We’ll align the fields for you on your Registration page like so:

And then save that data in your Individual Contact record, so you can gather the data that matters!

Webinar Start Countdown

This is a great new feature we’ve been wanting to get in for a while. This countdown timer will now start when you hit the “Start Webinar” button alerting you 3 seconds before going live. You can cancel the timer at any time, to stop the process of going live and stay in the “Pre-webinar Room.”

These small “user experience” items are always a high priority for us, so you have full control of the webinar at all times.

Screenshare Overlay

We’ve had some feedback from users that have seen a “Mirrored” effect on Demio when screensharing. This is actually caused when you share your own Demio viewer with the screensharing running (creating an infinite loop).

In order to fix that, we’ve added a light transparent overlay to your screenshare and a notification so you know that your screen is being shown to attendees.

Mobile Detection for Attendees

This small update is great to see who is joining your webinar from Android Mobile devices. As we are continuing to work on iOS browser support, we wanted to get an easier way to know who was on what device and the permissions you had available.

Mobile device users will have the ability to chat, see resources, handouts, webcams, and screenshare, but do not have the ability to turn on mic and webcams. These features will definitely be added in the future.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments below OR by joining us on an interactive live demo of Demio on Demio! You can register for that here.

Wishing you a great rest of your 2016!

Now that we've got your attention 🙂 

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