July Announcement: What’s Next for Demio

Here at Demio, our internal culture has always been routed in three simple values: Simplicity, Ease of Use, and Reliability.

As a heavily product-oriented team, we’ve truly taken a lot of time to understand what is required to build a product that makes webinars delightful while still giving you the robust needs for marketing and sales. And while we truly believe that Demio has already done that, we know that we still have plenty of work to do.

Over the past few months, we’ve moved away from forward facing “features” and moved much deeper into the core of Demio working on stability and streaming updates. Most of which, has been unnoticeable to you, our users, and they are done that way on purpose :).

We want to continue improving Demio without affecting any of your events and provide an amazing experience. That being said, this is just the beginning for us.  The Demio team has been working hard to engineer ways for our streaming engine to expand into other compatible browsers and we’ve finally done it.

Hard at work right now, our engineering team is rebuilding out the robust Demio streaming platform to now be more powerful than ever. What does this mean for you? 

A better, more streamlined and more compatible system than ever before. In a nutshell, more attendees having better experiences, creating a better all-around webinar.

This update is planned to be released in Autumn.

When the launch arrives, we’ll be releasing the upgraded Demio streaming engine with:

  1.  More Browser Compatibility – This has been our biggest mission from day 1 of launch and we’ve finally cracked the code to get Demio into more major browsers. With the re-launch, Demio will be working with Chrome, Firefox, Safari (in its new version releasing in November), and IE (with a plugin). We’ll be releasing Edge support very soon after. Our iOS application will remain, but Apple has announced that soon we’ll have Safari browser compatibility as well in that update, meaning we’ll have browser streaming for iOS devices!
  2. Adaptive Bandwidth Streaming – We’ve had a pretty strict network bandwidth limit on Demio and we’ve been looking at ways to solve this. As a network fluctuates below required levels it can cause problems with audio / video streams to your attendees and we wanted to remove this. Adaptive Streaming will lower the bandwidth needs for attendees giving them a better experience without missing a beat.
  3. A Larger Network Infrastructure – We’ve been wanting to boost our network infrastructure for a while, but now you’ll have access to a network nearly 4x as large as we have now. This means that your connections will be faster, more reliable, and those of you in more distant locations will be able to connect with better quality streaming. All of this simply means a better webinar experience for you and your attendees.
  4. Ability to have Mic/Webcam Permissions for Mobile Apps – This won’t be available on this release, but is coming very soon after. We know how important interaction and engagement is on a webinar, so we’ll be upgrading our Mobile App to also have the ability to turn on Mobile Microphones and Cameras to add in that extra element. Now, your guests can view, watch, and participate in any webinar from anywhere.
  5. Firewall Changes – We’ve seen a number of larger firewalls have trouble connecting to the Demio system using our streaming engine. With our new update, we’ll be able to blast past Firewalls so anyone can tune into the webinar on any network without issue!
  6. Faster, Revamped Recordings – Knowing that recordings are an integral part of the Demio system and any webinar event, we’re reworking how the recording process churns out those videos for you to create a more streamlined process. Our new recording system will create faster, cleaner, and more quality recordings than ever before!

Whew ?! Plus, all of these updates are coming with brand new optimization of our code base allowing for more scale and stability.

I know some of this might seem a bit technical, but we’ve always kept a policy of transparency here at Demio and I don’t want that to end now. We also want to make sure you understand the steps we are taking to make sure we deliver you a GREAT experience every time.

Along with these updates, we’ll also be introducing some new items in Demio like a revised user interface for creating a webinar, branding abilities for Demio rooms, sub-user access, and lots of other experience related items.

These updates will also be followed by a Pricing Change of Demio.

But, don’t worry… as a Demio user now, you’ll be grandfathered in at your current pricing and you won’t have to worry about any pricing updates.

For anyone looking to join Demio after this launch, we’ll be increasing pricing to a new tiered pricing structure on every package size (if you are on the fence, make sure to secure an account before we increase those prices).

And this is just the start of what’s to come ?.

We’ve got a huge amount of upgrades that will be flying in after this update and our roadmap is full of exciting new features like:

  • Integration with Facebook Live
  • Deeper Automation Rules and Automation Upgrades
  • Like Live Replay 2.0 Update
  • Advanced Analytics
  • New In-Room Demio Interactive Features and Call to Actions
  • New Reminder Integrations
  • And so much more…

For all of you who have put your trust and faith in us, we promise to not let you down and continue to serve you well. We appreciate every single user on Demio and won’t stop working hard to deliver you a great experience every single day.

Have questions? Leave your comments below and I can answer them!

Now that we've got your attention 🙂 

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