SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Carolyn Mumby

demio saas breakthrough episode featuring carolyn mumbyAbout Carolyn Mumby:
Carolyn Mumby is the CEO of Eledecks which she founded in 2004 and pivoted in 2016 to a SaaS model for customers to contract with via subscriptions. Carolyn has bootstrapped growth every year and has now 10,000 logins per month and tons of very happy customers. An animal portrait artist for 10 years, then Barrister, then legal services director for an employment law consultancy, Carolyn has found her niche in SaaS. Eledecks helps HR managers get their life back by decentralizing HR and enabling managers across the business.

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Show Notes:
Starting a Lifetime Ago
Helpline Pains and Customer Centric Growth
Growing With Value Added Resellers
Big Lesson Learned About Growth Through VARs
GDPR Gives A Break
Attracting and Incentivizing VARs
Helping and Controlling How VARs Sell Using Micro Sites
The Webinars' Strategy Learned Here On a Past Episode
KPIs, Asking The Tough Questions and Gamification
Developing The Buying Process For The Customer
Everyone On The Team Is Responsible For Marketing
Marketing Changes Coming Up: Social Proof
Lightning Questions
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