SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Farzad Rashidi

demio saas breakthrough featuring farzad rashidiAbout Farzad Rashidi:

Farzad Rashidi is the first marketing hire and current Director of Marketing at Visme, where he helped the company gain over 7 million users and pass 1.5M monthly from organic traffic.

He’s also the co-founder of Respona, the all-in-one digital PR and link building software that combines personalization with productivity, helping other companies achieve a similar success to Visme.


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Show Notes:
An Easy-To-Use Platform To Create Good Looking Pieces Of Content
Changing The Focus To Be More On The B2B Side Of Things
First Marketing Hire In a Freemium Business With Thousands Of Customers
"The first thing I did when I joined the company was putting together some process in place that we actually started kind of streamlining our customer support team. Cause we were still getting, still supporting hundreds of thousand users was not done in in the best way possible. We put together a little SOP in place and hired a couple of new folks. (...) cause it doesn't matter how many customers you get. If we can support them and retain them, they're going to churn out."
"We started putting together some initiatives and also some process in place for the way we create content, the way we create landing pages and (...) building that, I would say the gateway for people to find us when they're looking for a solution like ours and nurturing them all the way down to becoming a paying customer and anything in between."
The Blessing And Curse Of Having a Wide Range Of Customers
A High Volume Acquisition Channel That Doesn't Cost an Arm And a Leg
"It's very difficult to start to compete with these sort of companies with huge ad budgets through like traditional PPC campaigns and whatnot. So we had to really figure out a channel that would be able to still drive a significant level of customers, but wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg every single time when I acquire a new one."
Creating Landing Pages Optimized For Commercial Intent
"What we did was to create the landing page for each one of these parent keywords. So for example, for presentations, we created a landing page called presentation software for infographic, we created a landing page called infographics offer. I know we basically sprinkled in some of the longer tail in different variations of that keyword, lucky for graphic tool, infographic tools yada yada yada, and the landing page. But it's, it's what we call a money page in Visme. That is a page that has a commercial intent. People who would land on our page are looking to buy solutions. It's not a blog post, something that you would come in and ideally sign up for a free trial or sign up for an account."
The Secret Sauce To Link Building
The 80/20 Rule For Content Creation And Promotion
"It's a matter of dedication of resources, it's not a matter of how much resources you got. So we follow the 80/20 rule here. So we spend 20% of our resources creating a piece of content and 80% promoting that piece of content to build backlinks to it."
Three Types Of Keywords In a Funnel
The Pricing Challenges Of Freemium Software
The Rewards Of Simplicity In Pricing
Testing And Validating Pricing
"We have built our own AB testing software that, and in the backend we can run those tests easily. But the issue with pricing is that you know, let's say if you're a user, you come in and you go to our pricing page and you see one price, then you come in tomorrow and see another, it's just very difficult to kind of track session cookies and people sometimes have cookie blockers and whatnot. And it causes a lot of confusion and I just think it's bad business practice offering folks different pricing than another. So that's why we decided to roll it out and then basically look closely at the conversions and the metrics and compare it with the previous week in the previous month and the previous year at the same time period in the same season, and look at the growth rates and look at the conversion rates and look at it in terms of percentages, not necessarily nominal values."
Adapting Product Roadmap Priorities To Remote Working Needs
Lightning Questions
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