SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Kasey Bayne

About Kasey Bayne:
Passionate about marketing, tech, and helping small businesses, Kasey Bayne is part of the marketing team at Olark live chat, the most beautiful and effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support. With over a decade of marketing experience, Kasey’s spent time building marketing and sales channels at FreshBooks, Kashoo, and other companies across Canada and the US, focusing on building the best possible customer experience. When not at the office, Kasey can be found training for her next half marathon in gorgeous Vancouver, outside with a good book, or off to the airport for her next travel adventure.

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Show Notes:
What Olark Live Chat Does
Joining Olark With 10k Paid Customers and Great Culture
The First 10000 Customers
From Word Of Mouth To Automation and Centralized Communications
Narrowing Down On User Problems, Case Studies and Website Redo
Paid Traffic: Embracing An Experimental Mindset
Defining Baselines For The Experiment and Data Analysts
Surprising Wins With Partners and Integrations
The Mindset Shift You Need To Build Strategic Partnerships
Marketing In 2018: Experimental Mindset and Experts In The Field
Finding Expert Advise: Conferences and Getting Involved In Your Community
Lightning Questions
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