SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Olivia Milton and Lucy Literado

About Olivia Milton:

Olivia Milton is CMO at Reply, with over 7 years of experience in different fields of B2B marketing and in charge of marketing research and strategy development, product launches, development and supervision of email marketing, product marketing and PR.


demio saas breakthrough featuring olivia milton lucy literado About Lucy Literado:

Lucy Literado is VP of Marketing at Reply. Lucy is #3 employee in Reply, with 8+ years of experience in different fields of B2B Marketing. Her main areas of focus are SEO, Content Marketing, Analytics, CRO and a bit of PPC for SaaS companies. She is fond of working, traveling and Sci-Fi.
Reply automates one-to-many communication for you and your team, scaling dramatically your outreach capability, while keeping it 100% personal.


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Show Notes:
The Customer Research Phase and Process
The Struggles of Customer Research After the Initial Phase
Changing Content Marketing as Use Cases Changes
Differentiating With Unique Case Studies
Making The Case for Doing More Webinars
PPC for Brand Awareness
Always Testing for The Perfect Tool Stack
Onboarding Content Strategy: Triggers and Behavior Tracking
Onboarding Messaging Strategy
Marketing in 2018/19: Balancing Time-proof Truths and Industry Changes
Lightning Questions
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