SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Sancar Sahin

About Sançar Sahin:

Sançar Sahin is the Director of Marketing at Typeform. Coming from a creative background, Sançar is obsessed with building memorable customer experiences and brand interactions. He has a degree in Radio Production and has been working for startups for over 10 years, contributing to two successful exits (by Gartner and Next Co) while also running his own elearning network.

Typeform ​has one simple mission: bring the best data collection experience to people, by making it conversational. With Typeform anyone can ​quickly and effortlessly collect information from ​customers, ​employees—or whoever— in an engaging, conversational way.

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Show Notes:
Sançar Joined Typeform With Marketing 100% Driven By Virality
First Goal: Create a Brand Ecosystem
Creating a Blog With Thought Leadership Style Content
Learning By Experimentation
Defining First Your Values as a Content Team
"What we said is that every piece of content we create should be simple useful remarkable and friendly."
The One With The Original Voice of Siri
Creating Content With A Conversational Approach
Content Strategy: Creating Unique Quality Content
"I strongly strongly believe in creating that type of content for moving the needle in many many different metrics across the business."
The Perils of Jumping Too Fast To The Content Creation Stage
"We are definitely trying to become a lot smarter about focusing on just one or two metrics when we when we create a campaign or any kind of initiative. So for example some of what we do a lot of direct response is also we have an acquisition team that focuses on a lot of response type advertising that has a very clear KPI."
Recent Content Wins
Marketing MVP: Always Be 1 Step Ahead of Our Product But Not 10 Steps Ahead
"The idea is to always be one step ahead of our product but not 10 steps ahead. So the idea is marketing can kind of MVP, get it to an audience feedback, present as an experiment and nothing more. Than product on the following quarter and actually built that into the functionality. And so we're always innovating in the way that people collect information online."
Marketing Changes: The Need For Much Better Content AS Marketers
Creating Trust as Marketer: Use The Common Thread Between You And Your Market
Lightning Questions
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