SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Shayla Price

About Shayla Price:

Shayla Price is a marketer who positions products for growth. Whether it’s content, email, or good ol’ public relations, she strives to delight customers and increase company revenue.
Shayla also champions access to remote work opportunities.

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Show Notes:
How Shayla Started in The World of Content Marketing
Initial Goals for Campaigns
Writing Content for a Purpose
Being a Muse for User Generated Content
"Create content that sparks not only discussion but also that awareness their loyalty because you are basically the muse for user generated content. Your customer is not going to create content for you just because they want it through the day you have to do something well."
The Real Magic Happens After the Campaign Is Over
Strategic Content Generated Post vs User Generated Content
Mapping Out the Pieces
"Just stick with to like the basic journalism practices so like what is it about. How can you do it. Why is it important. So answering the what why how. Sometimes the win in this particular is how the blog post resources around that particular Webinar helps."
Placing Content Along the Customer Journey
"Don't think of user generated content as just something new. Hey we are great brand. We can do it. Think about putting it on your product pages thinking about adding it to your sales page so that you can get people to click and purchase from you makes total sense."
What Exactly To Do When Starting Out
Doing Customer Research for Topics
Quantity vs Quality
Making Content Decisions: Time and Metrics
"More content is always not the solution. Sometimes it's just quality when you're looking back at content when you're making the decision whether specific topics or specific goals are working or not working."
Big Wins in 2017
Repurposing Content
Changes in 2018: More Intentional and More Experimentation
Understand Your Customer Persona and Focus
Better Marketers In 2018 Do User Generated Campaigns
Lightning Questions
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