SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Spencer Mann

About Spencer Mann:
Spencer’s passion for data based innovation has made for an interesting career. After getting a B.S. in Biological Engineering at USU, Spencer went to work at OSU where he converted hog manure into electricity and earned an M.S. in Biosystems Engineering for his trouble. While he enjoyed his OSU coworkers (the hogs), his wife encouraged him to find a job that only required 1 shower a day. To this end, Spencer went to BYU where he earned an MBA. Upon graduation, Spencer begun work at Celanese, a large chemical company in Dallas Texas.

During Spencer’s 5 years at Celanese he held various and sundry positions but ultimately ended up running a P&L. In 2014, Spencer joined Lucid Software and started the growth team. Spencer is currently the VP of Growth and is responsible for the full self serve conversion funnel. After many years of conducting optimization experiments, Spencer still finds the field fascinating and gets excited with each new test.

Show Notes:
Jumping into Early Startup Mode with Two and Half Million Customers
The Challenges of Prioritizing Activities Without A Customer Persona
Segmenting and Optimizing for Regions, Persona Types or Channels
Initial Wins: Integrations and Nailing SEO and PPC
What Makes a Great Hire for SEO
Forecast and Goals
Success Rate On Experiments
Experimenting with Local Currencies for Regions and Pricing
Experimenting with Positioning Pricing on a Page
What Initiatives You Should Start with For Growth In The Early Stage
Analytics Platforms Spencer Recommend
The Metrics Spencer Looks at Daily
How to Avoid Vanity Metrics and Prevent Outliers Drive Your Decision Making
How to Create a Strong Hypothesis
Lightning Questions
Lucidchart: Online Diagram Software & Visual Solution:
Connect with Spencer:
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