SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Ty Magnin

About Ty Magnin:

Ty Magnin is the Director of Marketing at Appcues, which helps people create digital product experiences their users love. Before Appcues he was the first marketer at Work Market, where he helped the team scale from $250k-$8M in ARR. He loves building audiences— on Twitter, at a conference, for a blog — whatever.

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Show Notes:
How Ty Went From User To Team Member
Doubling Down on Content Marketing
An Acquisition Approach
"It is often different in different organizations but we really focus on right in the middle of the funnel content to bring all that are like problem aware to our solution. So we've definitely had a lot of CTAs like sign up to our products and a lot of people just kind of found their way there naturally. We use it as a middle of the funnel audience generator. So we spent a lot of time in the early stages distributing our blog posts and I just kind of hustling them around, getting in front of the right people and getting them read."
Results Focused and KPIs Evolution
Laser Focus to Umbrella Expansion
Challenges Of An Evolving Brand
"Our brand has been associated with user onboarding for a long time and now as we sort of are pushing a broader message, our brand is sort of being challenged to evolve too. So I think like people now (...) know who AppCues is often and so now we kind of have to go out there and like shake hands with people and we go after maybe more event sponsorships in order to build relationships with them. So we're moving from a bit more of a wide net approach to a bit more targeted I would say."
Segmented Sales
Drunk User Testing
"I don't know if anyone heard the saying that like you should design as if the user is drunk? But it's kind of this tongue in cheek expression or saying in UX that basically if you can please someone who is like super honest and get them to understand how your product works like that you can probably assume that your UX is solid and we find that in a very casual setting you get some really candid and honest feedback."
Big Win: Building a Team
The Right Moment To Start Hiring a Marketing Team
Product Market Fit and Scaling
"I think we can tell that exactly we have product market fit, that we had channel market fit too at least like in content and it was time to double down there and also explore it like you know how can we add on in other areas and so in addition of content I think what could some paid do, or what could happen if we had some focus on optimizing the Web site or you know building out better lead nurturing you know that kind of thing."
Bottom Up Focus Strategy
Lightning Questions
Follow along on Our Journey to $100k MRR
A shaky start? No doubt. Yet, three years later, we've got our eyes set on $100k MRR. We'll be sharing everything along the way.