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Why Did We Start the Demio Discover Show?

It’s a great question. And we have a simple answer.

The truth is that entrepreneurship is difficult. It can be lonely and stressful. It has its hills and valleys.

There are moments you know exactly what to do. And those when you are totally bewildered and lost.

For most of us, it’s the journey of those ahead of us and the advice from mentors that guide you to the right path.

Demio Discover was created to give back.

To create an interactive, communal experience with amazing entrepreneurs, marketers, or anyone who has interest in starting their own business.

It’s completely free to attend, 100% live, unscripted, and interactive.

Instead of just listening… now you can JOIN the conversation. Now you can follow the journey of others, to help you find your own footing.

Plus, the Demio Discover show is hosted directly on Demio, so it’s super simple to attend.

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