How to Increase Average Webinar Sales Conversion Rates

Are you running a Sales or Marketing webinar and looking to increase your end of webinar sales conversion rates?

With Demio, you can easily create call to action buttons to link them to your checkout or desired action, but you still may be struggling to get high webinar sales conversion rates.

To increase this percentage, we’ll want to look at the actual webinar formula to achieve the highest possible conversion.  Before I get there, I have to say that the biggest reflection of your conversion will be the level of pain you are solving with your product offering. None of the following tips will add more value to your close than the actual product or service offering and how it will can the attendees or their business.

Let’s Talk Formula

First and foremost, when you get on a webinar it’s all about “opening loops” through the event to get people ready to sit, listen, engage, and ultimately follow your call to action.

We start this by initially asking for permission at the beginning of the webinar in two separate slide areas. The first slide you may want to use after your title is explaining exactly what’s going to happen on the webinar. How long you estimate you are going to talk, what you’ll be covering, when q and a is handled, and letting them know that something brand new/special/discounted/or exclusive will be talked about at the end.

Ask them if they would LOVE to hear this and join you during this time. The goal here is to get a “micro-commitment” and your attendees saying yes, slightly opening the door to interest in what you’ll be talking about at the end.

The next slide unveils your “Retention Strategy” or the strategy to keep people on until the end. The best strategy here is great, engaging content, but second to that is a bonus in which the attendees get something valuable, unique, and related to the topic they are on the webinar to learn about.

For instance, a webinar about advertising could end with a free case study of a $100,000 campaign, ad templates that convert, or a free ad software that finds top ranking ads for you.

Anyone on a webinar about advertising would be excited to stick around to get access to this bonus. And that’s the goal, we need and want as many people as possible to stay with us until the end to digest the strategically crafted content of your webinar.

The more attendees at the end … the more sales possible even with the exact same conversion %.

Content is King… If it’s the Right Content

Ok, so your first major step is done. Now let’s talk about that content. That’s the bulk of your presentation and it’s very important you make sure you’re crafting it the RIGHT way.

Instead of teaching content that just explains a certain topic, strategy, or possibly just a chunk of content they “need” to know, you need to strategically organize your content to sell your product as much as possible.

We call this “Selling through Content”. How do you do this?

Here’s an example… if you are selling an information product on a new Diet and Exercise Membership then you wouldn’t want to teach just content from your content videos. That’s just what they NEED to know in the program.

What your content should do is outline the pain they are in now. Maybe the workout programs they are doing now aren’t working. Or they are stuck in yo-yo diets. Or the workouts programs take too much time out of the day, are too expensive, too exhausting, and just not possible for the working person.

Understand the audience and the problem you are solving. Bring them into their pain and outline why what they are doing doesn’t work and won’t work for them.

The Proof is in the Results

Explain how you came across something that worked (new strategy) and what the results were that it did for you. Talk about your results and the results of others who followed it.

What are the key benefits of your program and how does it solve the pain they are currently experiencing? Can you talk about what some of the key methods are to do this without going in depth on the training?

Then talk more about the proof and finally into the program and how it’s set up, how they can get access, and the special offer they can get.

To review it again the content is bringing the attendees into their state of pain, relate to them and explain your story and how you solved your problem, then outline the solution and what it can solve for them, then prove it and get into a close.

Your content is helping them understand WHY they need the product. Not just information around the product.

That’s how you create strategic content that sells FOR you.


Use this checklist ? to design your very own high-converting webinar marketing strategy from scratch, then automate the process to attract high-quality leads. 

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Make it Irresistible

Now when you transition out of content and into your close you’ll want to make sure you are presenting an offering that is what we call an “irresistible offer.” An irresistible offer is one that makes it a no-brainer to join and the amazing part of a live webinar is can ethically offer a great bonus for those who signed up live.

You can offer extra bonuses, offers, discounts, or free add-ons (like merch or tangible goods) to your standard package and bundle it together.  For instance, if you have bonuses already listed in your membership area make sure to take the time to break them into separate slides to stack value on the main membership. Are there emails to download? Mention them and the value they add.

We want to relay visually and through this close on every detail of what they will receive. This is all about clarity and perception of value.

The biggest strategy here is to make sure you don’t just talk about what they are buying, but the real benefits of what they are buying.

They aren’t buying a Diet and Exercise membership area.

They are getting the final answer to their Yo-Yo dieting. They are getting a proven system that will give them weight loss goals in 2 months.  They are getting self confidence and self love by finally achieving their ideal weight. They are sexy to the opposite sex. They are happy with the reflection in the mirror.

That’s the benefit.

That’s what people TRULY desire.

Find these winning benefits and you’ll see your average webinar sales conversion rates start to increase!

This Works, Guaranteed

Finally, let’s talk about Guarantees and Insane Guarantees.

The point of a guarantee is to reduce the buyer risk for attendees. It allows them to remove the objection and fear of making a purchase because it won’t work for them. They know they are protected.

We are big fans of 14 or 30 day money back guarantees since it does offer a better customer experience. If the product or service doesn’t fit or isn’t right, no problem we’ll offer you a full refund. Many other ideas are guarantees based on usage, time, or results.

An insane guarantee can be used effectively for higher priced sales by really reducing sales friction with something that removes any lingering objections. For instance, on the Demio webinar we offer an insane guarantee that if you don’t get your ROI of our platform and course at the end of your first webinar, we’ll get on a call and coach you on your webinar. If you still don’t make any sales, we’ll DOUBLE your money back.

We are confident in the strategy and results, but it does take work. IF you struggle along the way we’ll help you get there, and if we can’t get you results we’ll PAY YOU for trying.

That’s an insane guarantee and will remove the doubt of “how do I know this will work for me” or “what happens if I try and fail.” Again, knowing your audience will be a critical piece here to offer a valuable insane guarantee.

Typically you’ll have a very very very small amount of people ever take this option (and it might even be none if your product produces powerful results!).

And that’s the entire webinar formula! Each step adding a part of your strategic process of moving attendees into a sale.

You’re Not Just Selling

If you have any people still on the fence at the end, use this time for Strategic Q and A to answer questions that talk about benefits, quell objections, or add more value to people. The goal here is simply help them understand more about what the product is and how it can help them. Remember, you’re not just selling, you’re providing real value to your attendees and potential customers. Value is what truly drives your webinar sales conversion rates higher.

If you have any questions, feel free to come grab us on live chat and we’ll be happy to add any more ideas to you 🙂


Use this checklist ? to design your very own high-converting webinar marketing strategy from scratch, then automate the process to attract high-quality leads. 

We promise to never spam or send emails about cats.
Okay, maybe some cat stuff.

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