Webinars: The Swiss Army Knife Marketing Tool

There’s not many times I would say such a generalized statement like this, but I truly have become such a fan of Webinars that I now see them as the only “All-in-One” Marketing Tool.

You might be disagreeing with me, and trust me I hear plenty of people say “Webinars don’t work for me” but I couldn’t disagree more.

There’s plenty of Lead Gen Methods from Cold Calling, Cold Email (Cold Calling 2.0), Advertising, Blogging, Guest Blogging, Podcasts, Social Media, Summits/Event Marketing to SEO.

All of it geared towards getting the lead and getting them to a Sales Conversion.

This is often done through a One-on-One call with you or your sales rep, the ol’ sit down lunch meeting, Sales video, Video Series, or Webinar.

But, sales boil down to one thing: Relationships.

And at their core, that’s all Webinars are about.

They are simply a Video/Audio Communication channel with your prospects or customers building a transparent bridge to create a deeper connection with them.

Most people see them solely as a Marketing and Sales tool. Running webinars to simply pitch products, using a rigid process to create the webinar:

– Intro
– Big Promise
– Story
– Pain
– Solution/Content
– Transition to Pitch
– Pitch
– QA

But, the truth is there are so many other ways to use them.


Use this checklist ? to design your very own high-converting webinar marketing strategy from scratch, then automate the process to attract high-quality leads. 

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Webinar Planning

Lead Generation Webinars:

This is more your typical Marketing/Sales webinar, using the webinar as an actual lead generation source.

HOWEVER, you can also offer an alternative to this, doing a free content show or webinar that offers nothing except hot topical content, guest speakers, or edutainment.

You might often see these as FB Live, Periscope, or Instagram Live streams giving pure free content on a live show.

The only difference by doing a webinar is that you’d be able to capture those leads instantly into your CRM / Autoresponder and continue to nurture them.

These are typically colder leads and if you decide to do a pitch, expect a lower conversion rate on any product sales (unless you’ve really dialed in on a solid sales presentation + avatar that you are marketing to).

Mostly you’ll be looking at ways to just cut through the clutter and get people interested in joining you live, cracking the door and getting attention.

Free Content Webinars for Leads:

When you are in Lead generation mode, your only obligation is to find and qualify leads who would be primed to purchase your product. Cold leads (once captured) need to be moved through a long process of “Know, Like, Trust” to warm them up to your marketing message and brand.

The goal is to get the relationship built on a solid foundation, so that when they face the pain or you remind them of the pain, your brand/business becomes the one they go to for help.

Running a weekly webinar giving free content to your LEADS can be a powerful way to start building that relationship. You can offer free gifts (or discounts?) just for coming on live and then use the time to have conversations.

I’m not just saying running a scripted presentation. Bring the content that’s going to help your prospects, but take the time to ask questions, learn where they are in the process, and do your best to help them live.

Giving personalized information will trump any canned content and will build a relationship faster than ever.

I love this method. No pitch, pure content, and conversation.

Do a few of these and you’ll find you’ve created raving fans who (even if not buying now) will be truly brand evangelists and go out of their way to help you and your business.

One on One Demos with Webinars:

Ok, I know I said earlier that it was a bit “unscalable” to run demos, but I can’t stress enough how integral they can be for any product or sales cycle.

Especially in the early days, one on one demos can add so much value to your business by helping you learn what your “target” customer actually wants, needs, and is willing to pay for.

You can easily learn the new sales objections and discover what product features can be added upfront.

Taking your simple/lean product (you did start with a lean MVP right? If not, make sure to read this article) and then add on to it based on the feedback you learn here. You’ll get yourself to a hot-selling product a lot faster this way than any “guesswork” you could do.

You just need a simple system for people to jump on quickly with a browser based link (wink wink – Demio anyone?).

Onboarding Webinars:

Once you’ve gotten your customers set up, there’s no better way to get them ready to go in your product than once again talking to them.

The most optimal way would be a welcome phone call and personalized walkthrough.

We often do this with 1-on-1 Demo’s to users to make sure they know the in’s and out’s of the Demio system.

But, a scalable way to do this would be through a scheduled weekly onboarding call to get everyone together. If you are in a coaching or product business where building a community is a big piece of your marketing, than this is an easy way to get everyone together, on the same path and have a group working together to help each other.

These webinars are best when you automatically add them after the purchase (recommended for Demio by using our Zapier application here).

Live QA / Training Webinars:

These webinars are key for keeping monthly Churn down, user engagement high, and are often even better for moving users into your next programs.

Why? Again, because you are deepening your relationships (I feel like I keep saying this word ? ) with your customers and removing objections.

The easiest way to get people into your higher end programs and sales is to simply get them using your product.

Any results they get will help move them forward in your pipeline, so your mission needs to be aimed at getting them to take action.

This also gives you a great real time feedback understanding of what needs to be worked on in your product (no product is ever *perfect*) or how you can onboard/train users better from the beginning.

Use these webinars as great feedback channels for your business and marketing. (Any objections listed and overcome here can be used in Marketing later to better talk to your prospective leads).

With Demio, we’ve made it insanely simple to run any of these webinar types or even take past webinars and launch them live with our “Like Live” replays.

Regardless of the system you choose, you can highlight certain areas in your business that can be improved by simply adding in more transparency, credibility and trust by running webinars.

Whether you have 5 attendees to 500, the goal is the same.

Break down the virtual barriers, ask questions, have conversations and really communicate with people.

The return may not come instantly, but over time as you nurture those relationships you’ll see the blossoming of your brand and sales.

Now go out there and start having those conversations 🙂


Use this checklist ? to design your very own high-converting webinar marketing strategy from scratch, then automate the process to attract high-quality leads. 

We promise to never spam or send emails about cats.
Okay, maybe some cat stuff.

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