What we’ve learned from doing over 600+ One-on-One Demos in 5 months

TLDR; Taking a long tedious technical process and making it easy to JUST do the core thing, is all that users are looking for. Removing the overwhelm to create a webinar, make it easy to connect with your audience, and give the attendees an easy way to join is all that people want.


When you are starting on a project, you are basically just taking a hypothesis to market.

You’re finding a problem and assuming there is a pain that your solution or your product idea will fix.

For anyone who’s done the validation phase, they maybe have 10 qualified prospects who have given an “OK” idea that the product or solution will be a good fit, but maybe you still have not tested selling it.

Or you’ve tested the MEVP (minimal economical viable product) by selling it and you’ve made a few sales to prove people will buy it.

Either way, it’s not been TRULY tested, at scale. And you’ve probably not hit many people with some semi-objections to full on objections.

You haven’t recognized where the roadblocks are yet, and if there’s even a big enough product-market fit to build a business around it.

For us, the hypothesis was that people needed a simple webinar platform that was easy to get webinars set up, integrated with their crms, create automations, and launch it live without a lot of technical hassle.

So, a simple webinar platform with the power you needed for marketing and sales.

It was a balance of quality, reliable streaming and marketing power.

MUCH easier said than done, since the streaming, recording, connectivity, registration etc… has to work. ALL THE TIME.  And that is no easy task, even in 2017.

Combine the marketing automations with the simple experience, it took us a while to figure out exactly how to make it happen.

But, after doing over 600 One-on-One Demos (whew ?) we’ve learned that our hypothesis is pretty dang accurate (and yes, we do them ALL on Demio).

Ok, there’s always a new feature request that people want.

But, for the most part… Demio is exactly what the market has been looking for.

A quality, reliable webinar platform that is simple to use.

Quick to set up.

Easy-to-add automation and segmentation.

Browser based and attendees can join in 1-click.

Automatic Recordings with downloading and hosting.

Powerful, actionable reporting.

Our users can now connect with their audience faster than ever before, without dealing with the headache of setting it all up.

So, my small piece of advice for you when you start selling.

Learn the objections, but also ask yourself… is your CORE hypothesis simple enough?


What can you do to make your product SIMPLER to use.

Because simplicity can make a good product GREAT. And just throwing features at something won’t make it great.

Reducing your application overwhelm by having 1 core function done well, will be the true push you need for growth momentum.

Feel like you need to do 5 things great? Can it be cut down to 3?…

Can you cut those 3 things down to 1?…

Even just to start, just to PROVE your market-fit… do it.

It will let you build around it. Be the BEST at that.

And then sell it. Sell hard and sell everyday.

Each conversation (even if not a sale) will give you valuable insight on REAL customer validation and turn that hypothesis into a proven equation.

Go on, have a conversation today.

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