Learn about Building a SaaS from the 10 Best Blogs and Experts in Our Space

SaaS is an ever-growing space that’s constantly evolving. It’s complex. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of moving parts in the process of building a SaaS companyWhether you’re just starting out, or you already have some traction, there are at least 10 blogs/experts that you (and every other founder) should be following.

Best SaaS Blogs in Our World

Let’s start with the 5 best SaaS blogs. Most of these blogs are company blogs; they’re not necessarily the most successful SaaS companies in the world, but they’re doing a fantastic job of providing transparent, detailed information that they’re learning as they grow their companies.

Some of these blogs share their failures just as often as their successes, and it’s incredibly refreshing. We’re all in the same boat, and it can be unbelievably helpful to see the inner-workings of similar companies that are at a different stage. I should warn you, it’s easy to get sucked into their journeys, so don’t be surprised if the rest of your day is gone.


Visit GrooveHQ’s Blog

Starting from $28,525 MRR, Alex from Groove has documented the entire journey of his company as it has grown past $5m in annual revenue. Not too shabby.

What I love about the Groove Blog is the unwavering commitment to provide EVERY detail. Alex shares campaigns, strategies, successes, failures, slip ups, and he puts it all on the table. Everything. And props to him because it’s terrifying to share that much information with your customers, your competitors, your investors, etc.


Visit Baremetrics’ Blog

On a similar playing field as Groove, Josh at Baremetrics has done a great job sharing his journey in growing his SaaS company past the $1m ARR point.

What I love about the Baremetrics blog is the actionable information that you can take away and apply to your business. Posts such as how they increased annual revenue by 30%, how they doubled trial conversion, and even the 3 legal agreements that they use when hiriing a new employee.

Tom Tunguz

Visit Tom’s Blog

Tomas is a person, not a company, but his blog is pure gold for anybody that wants to really understand every aspect of SaaS. He’s an investor, so he provides a different outlook than the founder-focused blogs mentioned above.

Tom’s blog is by far the best place to get a “PHD” in SaaS. He takes otherwise boring, complex concepts and explains them in a simple, easy to understand fashion. If you’re looking to learn about high-level management, important metrics and formulas, competitive strategies, fundraising, culture, and a million other things, then this blog should be on your daily reading list.


Visit Close.io’s Blog

Mostly high-level information about outbound sales, but an amazing, must-read blog nonetheless.

I think it’s important to understand different perspectives and learn from other SaaS companies at different stages, even if you have different strategies. If you’re having trouble with recruiting, building a sales team, creating sales processes, or just getting more customers for your product, then you should check out the Close.io blog.


Visit Saastr’s Blog

If you’re in SaaS, then you probably already know about this blog, which is why I hesitated even including it in this list. (That’s a compliment.)

Jason Lemkin, otherwise known as the Godfather of Saas has built and sold a couple different companies in his time, including Echosign (acquired by Adobe.) He’s an active VC now, and he puts out a ton of content on his blog, quora, books, Twitter, etc. Saastr is definitely more focused on companies that want to “upmarket” and sell into enterprise. Jason breaks down a lot of sales concepts, fundraising strategies, management tactics, and other similar topics. Not quite the same outlook that you’re going to find on the GrooveHQ blog, or Baremetrics for that matter.


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5 SaaS Experts That You Should Follow

This list could easily be in the hundreds, but I didn’t want to just include “experts;” I wanted to include founders and employees that are actively putting out great information into the world, mostly on Twitter.

Jason Fried


Jason, and his partner DHH are very well known for their extreme outlook on “startups.” As the founders of a 13-year-old project management software, Basecamp, they believe in bootstrapping, profitability, people-first companies, customer-first companies, etc. These guys are about as anti-VC, anti-Silicon Valley as you can get.

I put Jason instead of David on this list because I personally relate more to his personality, but you should really follow both of them. If you’re in the market for a healthy dose of reality checks and some occasional VC drama, you won’t regret the follow.

Ryan Singer


We’re keeping it in the Basecamp family with this next one. Ryan Singer is a product guy that works for Jason (mentioned above.) Ryan is easily one of the most thoughtful people on the planet when it comes to solving customer problems, user experience, and product design.

Spend 5 minutes reading through his profile, and you’ll realize just how much thought goes into every little product decision at their company. His tweets aren’t just about how to make something look good, but instead, how to build a product that gets your customers from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

Joel Gascoigne


Joel is a co-founder at Buffer, a social media management software that has surpassed $14M in annual recurring revenue.

Buffer, as a company, is wildly transparent. They share salaries, open data on Baremetrics, cash flow problems, lay-offs, and way more information than any private company usually shares. This can put a lot of stress on a founder. Even with all of the meaningful success, Joel is easily one of the most humble guys that I follow. He’s open and honest about how hard it is, about the stress, about the problems that they face, and you NEED to be around people like this when you’re building a SaaS company; you’re not the only one going through this stuff and Joel helps make that clear.

Laura Roeder


I haven’t followed Laura for very long, but she’s a huge inspiration to many founders in our space. She’s single-handedly grown her bootstrapped SaaS, Meet Edgar, to millions of dollars in annual recurring revenue.

She has a great attitude, a great outlook, and she definitely shares similar values to Jason/DHH of Basecamp. As an active advocate of remote work, long term sustainability, and building a great, she’s someone that you should be following.

Hiten Shah


This man has done a lot in the SaaS space to say the last. He’s co-founded multiple well-known companies including Crazyegg, KISSmetrics, and Quick Sprout with the help of Neil Patel.

Knowing that two of his companies are self-funded and one of them is venture backed, he sees things from both sides of the table, which is why I really value his thoughts. He also just has an extremely helpful personality, always offering suggestions, calls, advice, etc to his followers.

ANNNND That’s a Wrap

If you follow the best SaaS blogs and experts, you’ll be in good hands as you grow your own SaaS company. There are hundreds of other companies/influencers that I would’ve loved to include in this list, but I wanted to keep it short and to the point. Hopefully you’ve discovered at least a few new resources that will help you on your journey.


Use this checklist ? to design your very own high-converting webinar marketing strategy from scratch, then automate the process to attract high-quality leads. 

We promise to never spam or send emails about cats.
Okay, maybe some cat stuff.

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