SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Jon Malmberg

About Jon Malmberg:
Jon is leading the Marketing team at Hotjar as the Director of Demand Generation. He’s a self taught Marketer and Entrepreneur that truly believes in the customer centric organisation. Jon have a passion for how to scale and grow got-to-market to achieve rapid growth. He co-founded Uniblue, a software company which saw continuous YoY growth, hitting $70M in annual revenue, before finding his way into the world of SaaS.

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Show Notes:
Joining Hotjar Team
First: Building a Marketing Team and Understanding the Customer Experience
Talk About The Story or Benefits Not Features
Improving User Overal Experience Using Feedback From Customers
Acquisition Channels and Initiatives
Frictionless Starts
"I think we will always be leading with a free trial in the start of the days I think was completely free and that's like going back to the what I believe, or we believe in, just having that frictionless and make people having an easy way of start using your product."
KPIs Jon Tracks
Retention: More Educational Content and Training to Increase Users' Success
"We've seen the gap a bit that we need to put more efforts on educational content and training and making sure that we are helping our users and customers be more successful and make more use of the whole product. And I think this is we're now investing more time in. And it's obviously part of the activation retention strategies I think is critical for us to really nail this."
Content: When They Need It Without Asking For It and Innovate
"And also it's not about just creating the content is just how do we introduce them and where like typical content market end of the day this is to be introduced at the right time when they need it without asking for it and innovate."
The Overall Experience and Ongoing Improvement
"It's all about offering that experience right from the first touch point and really helping them becoming more successful."
Scaling To 1 Million ARR
Marketing Wins: Great Team
New Concept and Podcast: The Humans Strike Back
2018 Marketing: Showing Short/Long Term Value and A Point of View
Focus, Stack Ranking and Tradeoffs
Lightning Questions
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