SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Sid Bharath

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Sid Bharath is a marketer and previously the VP of Growth at Thinkific, an online course platform that he’s helped grow to the leader in the industry. He’s also a marketing consultant and has worked with other software companies to help them grow.

Show Notes:
Sid's Journey into Growth Hacking
The Thinkific Fast Growth Experience
Best Channel, Swap Partnerships and Influencers
The System to Identify The Best Channel To Invest
Listening to Customer Support for Customer Feedback
Collecting Data to Choose Best Customer to Focus On
5 Step Framework for Growth Hacking: Customer Persona, Customer Journey (Problem Unaware > Problem Aware > Solution Aware > Product Aware > Decision > Retention), Trigger Points Prioritization, Testing, Scaling The Channel That Works
Big Failure Lesson: Focusing
Sid's Why: A Fascination With Technology
Quick Fire Questions
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