Creating a Powerful Webinar Presentation for Marketing

So, you’re ready to get your webinar going.

Time to put pen to paper, but you’re wonder what exactly you put in your presentation?

Where and when should elements go exactly? What’s the right way to do it?

Well lucky for you, we have a Fundamental Structure we follow to create every webinar to make it effective.

Your Webinar Presentation should simply follow this short checklist:

1-Understand Your Avatar (we have to put this first so that all the functions below make sense)
2-Introduction Slide
3-Brief Welcome
4-Engagement Questions – Ask where people are from and open the door for conversation
5-Hook the Audience (with your big promise)
6-Refute the Big Promise with Credibility
7-Set the Scene (what’s going to happen on the event)
8-Retention Strategy Slide (explain the Bonuses, Handouts, Q&A for staying on until the end)
9-Qualifications for the Webinar
10-Quick Introduction
11-Proof of your background, customer stories
12-Explain the pain they’ve faced (is this you?)
13-Start Content, Teaching what to want (and give what they need)
14-Continued Engagement with Audience during event (use Chat, Questions, Polls…)
15-Re-review Problems
16-Add More Proof
17-Smooth transition To Offer
18-Irresistible offer (CTA, Display Offer…)
19-Proof, Proof, Proof (Case Studies are great)
20-Start the Party (do a strategic Q&A)

There are 7 Huge “Conversion-killing” Webinar Mistakes you need to avoid (watch our entire webinar on this here ).

Mistake #1 – No Customer Avatar

Make sure you know your Customer Avatar. Who? what? Why?

Only by knowing it you will be able to use specific language, talk about specific pains and problems and connect with them to sell.

Specificity is the only way to sell.

Mistake #2 – No Big Promise

In the opening of your webinar you need to make sure 3 things happen:

1- Demand Attention
2- Create Connection (ask them where they are from, where they are in the business, ask questions like
3- Get Permission (tell them what you are going to be talking about and that at the end you want to introduce something that they will want to see it, ask them if that’s ok, get a micro commitment)

Mistake #3 – Teaching Too Much

To avoid this mistake, check if your content does the following:

1- Furthers the sale
2- Gives you the chance to show proof
3- Keeps people engaged
4- Has Perceived value (and is actually valuable, they can now actually take some action to get a result)

Mistake #4 – Undesirable Offer

The offer needs to be right, make sense to the attendees.

The elements that make an offer undesirable are Lack of Clarity, being Unsexy (a “nice to have” but not really a “need to have”). People want benefits that are going to change their life or business, not the features of your product.

So every offer should be:

Easy to Understand.
Easy to Use.
Easy to Buy.

Mistake #5 – No Reason to Stay

Without a retention strategy, people drops off and you loose them immediately.

Take time at the beginning to let people know exactly what they will get during the webinar, so they will stay and your conversion rate will be much higher.

Mistake #6 – Awkward Transition

What you want to do is Content + Sell.

Your content needs to make people think of all the manually steps they will need to do for instance to set up something correctly (and you are going to offer a solution to get it done quickly and easily).

Mistake #7 – Stopping at the Offer

Don’t disappear right after making the offer, because it kind of feels like someone just turned the lights off…

Instead you can get the party started by:

1. Welcoming by name the persons buying your product

2. Future pacing – tell them what’s coming for them

3- Doing Strategic Q&A – answer the questions that help move the sale forward, that helps people get off of the fence. You can even bring your own questions to make sure you hit every objection you found while defining your avatar or bring questions from past webinars that you know some people in this one will also have.

So putting it all together, the Structure looks like this:

demio labs webinar presentation structure conversion

To Summarize it, these are the 5 KEY TIPS for you to take away:

1- Take control early
2- Teach AND sell
3- Smooth transition
4- Make it a no brainer
5- Start the party

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